Like today’s precision machining systems, metal cutting machines, and many various types of fabrication equipment, metal forming technology has seen significant advancements in recent decades – largely through the integration of CNC systems and automation. At Davenport, we integrate some of the latest CNC forming technology to deliver the highest precision results possible to our customers.

Achieving Higher Precision and Repeatability in Metal Forming

As is the case in other manufacturing methods, the computerized design and controls methodology used in our CNC metal forming services essentially streamlines the overall production process. Following precise programming, the metal forming tools perform extremely precise bends, draws, and other metalworking operations with virtually identical results from one product to the next.

From the actual manufacturing tasks to the quality control process that monitors them, our CNC technology helps Davenport take accuracy and repeatability to another level.

High-Speed, High-Volume Metal Forming Operations

Davenport’s CNC metal forming systems achieve close-tolerance results in complex manufacturing operations as quickly and consistently as possible. While a highly skilled operator working with manual forming tools could achieve the same results, they typically require much more time (and resulting labor costs) to do so.

Moreover, manual forming operations generally can’t match the speed and throughput of CNC forming systems, which can more easily produce higher volume runs once the initial setup is complete. So the advantages of Davenport’s CNC forming systems in terms of speed is twofold: the ability to meet both rapid turnaround and high-volume production requirements.

Optimizing the Design Process with CAD and CAM Technology

Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software likewise streamlines our manufacturing processes, especially when it comes to complex formed components.

Whether we’re working from customer designs or modifying the product design for better manufacturability, our integrated CAD processes make the job quicker and more convenient. CAM programming then ensures our precision metal forming operations are carried out with extreme repeatability from one product to the next – no matter the volume requirements. Davenport’s engineering and design software expertise includes:

  • SolidWorks
  • SolidEdge
  • Bysoft 7
  • Inventor
  • SigmaNest
  • AutoCAD
  • Cadman B

Precision Metal Forming Solutions – Manufactured in Indiana

At Davenport, we tailor our metal forming services to the unique requirements of your precision products. Our integration of CNC metal forming systems further adds to the flexibility of our capabilities as one of the Midwest region’s leading contract manufacturers.

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