Metal Fabrication

DMG offers automated solutions in cutting, bending, and welding of a host of products.  From simple brackets to complex large frames weldments, DMG can deliver to your specifications, without issue.

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Metal Fabrication

DMG capabilities span across cutting, bending, and welding processes, accommodating a wide spectrum of products, from simple brackets to complex large frame weldments. Our commitment to precision and quality is evident through our use of industry-leading equipment and automation. This not only ensures our operational efficiency but also provides reliability for you, our customer.

DMG offers:

  • High volume, automated, laser cutting systems.
  • CNC controlled forming operations.
  • Spot welding small and large components
  • PEM installation, both pre and post coating process.
  • High & Low Volume Robotic Arc Welding.
  • Complex and Simple Manual Arc Welding
  • In process quality checks to minimize scrap and rework.


  1. Cutting: We provide high-volume, automated laser cutting systems that have the capability to accurately cut various types of metals into desired shapes and sizes with optimal efficiency.
  2. Bending: With CNC controlled forming operations, we are equipped to shape metal components according to specific designs; precision processes to achieve the required bends and angles.
  3. Welding: DMG offers both manual and robotic welding solutions. For spot welding, we can handle small and large components. We also offer complex and simple manual arc welding, catering to a wide range of welding needs.
  4. PEM Installation: DMG can provide PEM (self-clinching fasteners) installation services, both before and after the coating process.
  5. Robotic Arc Welding: DMG’s capabilities extend to high and low volume robotic arc welding. We have the capacity and capability to efficiently weld a large number of components using automation.
  6. Quality Control: DMG emphasizes quality by conducting in-process quality checks. This is aimed at minimizing scrap and rework, which ultimately leads to better overall efficiency and cost savings.
  7. Metal Variety: We are equipped to work with various types of metals, including standard carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized metals. This flexibility allows us to accommodate a diverse range of projects and client needs.

DMG Services

DMG’s services cover a broad spectrum of metal fabrication needs, from high-volume production to more intricate and specialized projects. Our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards and utilizing advanced technology position us as your reliable partner for precision metal fabrication projects.

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