Partnering up with a local American engineering company for your metal fabrication project gives you a number of advantages. At DMG, one of the major benefits we offer is fully integrated engineering and manufacturing services. From the outset, our combined capabilities can help you streamline your product development from design to delivery. We also simplify your supply chain by eliminating the need for additional third-party engineering services.

Speaking of a simplified supply chain, American engineering and manufacturing helps establish a more robust and reliable supply chain compared to offshoring your project to overseas fabricators. As you can probably imagine, the additional benefits of better communication, collaboration, and faster turnaround times all follow naturally when you choose to develop and produce your fabricated products in the USA.

Integrated Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Backed by extensive experience in the American fabrication industry, DMG offers comprehensive contract manufacturing solutions including extensive engineering capabilities. We understand that a well-optimized product design can significantly reduce your costs, improve your end products, and ultimately make or break your project’s success.

Our engineers will collaborate with your team to potentially explore design modifications, alternative materials, and/or more effective manufacturing processes that can lead to cost reductions while maintaining or improving the quality of your end products. Our engineering and design software expertise includes:

  • SolidWorks
  • SolidEdge
  • Bysoft 7
  • Inventor
  • SigmaNest
  • AutoCAD
  • Cadman B

The Advantages of Lean, Local American Manufacturing and Engineering:

Better Communication and Collaboration

Working with a local Indiana contract manufacturer like DMG facilitates easy communication and collaboration throughout the project. You can see our facility in person, meet our team face-to-face, call us up to quickly discuss project details, or make changes without going through language barriers and waiting days to hear back. That all fosters a smoother workflow and ultimately keeps your project on track.

Meeting Regulatory and Certification Requirements

As an experienced American contract manufacturer we are familiar with all local regulations, codes, and industry standards. We can help ensure that your products comply with all necessary requirements, regulatory or otherwise. That removes the risk of production delays or market issues down the line.

Faster Turnaround and Rapid Delivery

With DMG, you can typically expect quicker turnaround times for your products compared to overseas manufacturers. Just as importantly, you get much quicker response times to any new developments. For project’s that require rapid delivery, we remove the risk of international shipping delays or port shutdowns which can completely derail your schedule.

Supporting the Local Economy

Choosing an Indiana-based manufacturer supports the local economy and promotes job growth within our greater Midwest community. It also strengthens relationships within the local manufacturing industry, potentially leading to future collaborations or referrals that can be a tremendous value-add for your project.

Better Quality Assurance

At DMG, we always prioritize the quality and consistency of our products. We pride ourselves on meeting all customer specifications and maintaining on-time delivery. To us, superior quality is about more than any single product – it’s about our reputation as one of the Midwest’s leading contract manufacturers.

Quality Contract Manufacturing Services for the Indiana Region and Beyond

From concept to completion, DMG will support your sheet metal fabrication project through every step of design, manufacturing, and assembly required. Our services include virtually all cutting, bending, and welding processes to produce a full range of industrial metal products – from custom fabricated parts to complex enclosures and weldments.

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