From full-sized industrial control panel enclosures and machine shields/shrouds to various electronics housings throughout the modern factory and jobsite, sheet metal enclosures are more crucial than ever.

Custom Fabricated Sheet Metal Enclosures

One of DMG’s specialties is the manufacturing of custom sheet metal enclosures for industrial customers throughout the Midwest region and beyond. Our fabrication shop is backed by extensive experience in building various types of enclosures to exact customer specifications, including NEMA certified enclosures for regulated applications. We design our enclosures robustly to encase sensitive electronics while ensuring long-term protection for both the equipment and the human operator.

Metal Enclosures for a Range of Industrial Applications:

  • Console Enclosures and Casings
  • Custom Cabinet Enclosures
  • Electronics Enclosures and Housings
  • Industrial Control Panel Enclosures
  • Machine Housings, Shields, and Shrouds
  • NEMA Certified Metal Enclosures

Designing an Optimized Metal Enclosure for Your Unique Requirements:

Choosing an Optimum Sheet Metal Material

Of course, designing any precision sheet metal assembly begins with selecting the ideal material for the job. The most common options include standard steel materials for cost-effectiveness, stainless steel for better corrosion resistance and a more premium finish, or aluminum for a combination of lightweight corrosion resistance.

Regardless of your material choice, metal thickness is also a critical factor. When working with your custom enclosure design, we carefully balance the weight of the overall enclosure unit with your specific requirements in strength and rigidity.

Fully Formable vs. Weldable Designs

For relatively simple sheet metal enclosures, we can potentially manufacture the unit using a combination of metal forming, bending, cutting, and fastening techniques. Easier formability will reduce both your costs and lead times.

For more complex enclosure designs, we will typically fabricate numerous panels and components which are then welded together into the final unit. Simpler production processes that remove the need for welding can substantially reduce your costs, so we strive to simplify enclosure designs wherever possible.

Accommodating Special Features

While some enclosures are simple box or shield units, many industrial enclosures require special features such as access doors and hinges, complex compartments, or specialized brackets.

Other common special requirements include EMI shielding or heat sinking, both of which require specialized materials/components. These design features tend to raise the cost by requiring outside sourcing of components and/or more complex fabrication processes. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that DMG will arrive at the most cost-effective design possible.

Quality-Built Industrial Enclosures – Manufactured in the USA

DMG is the industry’s go-to source for quality sheet metal enclosures built in-house to the most exacting standards. No matter how complex the design or features, we can fabricate an optimized enclosure solution that exceeds your use case requirements.

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