Sheet metal fabrication is one of the main manufacturing methods used to produce today’s industrial equipment and related components. The wide range of sheet metal work includes a number of unique metalworking processes – most notably bending, cutting, and welding. Another way to look at those three processes is metal forming (bending), creating custom metal shapes (cutting), and joining separate metal components together (welding). As you can see, combining these capabilities allows us to fabricate virtually any custom sheet metal geometry, including the complex parts and components needed in today’s industrial space.

What are the most common uses for industrial sheet metal fabrication?

Fabricated Metal Enclosures

One of DMG’s specialties is custom fabricated industrial metal enclosures. Sheet metal fabrication is crucial in this product category which includes electrical enclosures, panels, cabinets, and other critical electronics equipment used throughout the modern industrial sector. Our metal enclosures are robustly designed to encase sensitive electronics while protecting both the equipment and the end user. Some of the most common custom industrial enclosures we manufacture at DMG include:

  • Console enclosures and casings
  • Electrical enclosures and panels
  • Industrial electronic enclosures
  • Industrial machine enclosures
  • NEMA Certified enclosures

Heavy Equipment Applications

The industrial heavy equipment sector in general relies on sheet metal fabrication to produce custom equipment and auxiliary components. While much of the primary production equipment is standard or off-the-shelf units, many of the interconnected systems and supporting equipment require custom sheet metal work – whether for factory integration or system upgrades, maintenance, repairs, etc.

  • Air compressor casings
  • Compressor system components
  • Generator system casings
  • Hydraulic pump components
  • Other industrial hydraulics

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services for General Industrial Equipment:

Ductwork and Ventilation Systems – We use sheet metal fabrication to manufacture custom ductwork and ventilation systems for industrial equipment, ensuring proper airflow and ventilation to maintain optimal operating conditions. Conveyor Systems – Customers rely on DMG’s sheet metal fabrication services to integrate conveyor systems and other industrial material handling equipment. This critical equipment is common in various industrial settings including manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers. Machine Guards and Safety Equipment – We can fabricate custom sheet metal machine guards, safety enclosures, and protective barriers to prevent accidents and ensure worker safety in potentially hazardous industrial environments. Cabinets and Industrial Storage Systems – For customers needing a custom industrial storage solution, our sheet metal fabrication services include the manufacturing of cabinets, shelves, and heavy-duty storage systems. Custom industrial storage solutions help factories organize their tools, parts, and other essential equipment, which tends to optimize production efficiency and workflow.

Quality Sheet Metal Fabrication Services for the Midwest Region and Beyond

From concept to completion, DMG will support your sheet metal fabrication project through every step of design, manufacturing, and assembly required. Our capabilities integrate virtually all cutting, bending, and welding processes to accommodate a wide range of industrial sheet metal products – from simple components to complex enclosures and weldments.

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